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Episode 117: Summer EDC With Kyle Snarr ADVERTISEMENT

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thegreynato ยท The Grey NATO - Ep 117 - Summer EDC With Kyle Snarr

Fresh off of a week of vacation, the TGN boys are back with plenty of dock jumping energy. Jason kicked back cabin style and reports on the trip's frivolities while James has become a shepherd to a flock of excellent new dive watches. From Tudor in blue to Seiko, Sinn, and Oris, too, this is an episode most summery, and we haven't even hit the main topic.

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For a wider chat about some great TGN summer EDC options, Jason and James called upon their buddy Kyle Snarr who used to work for Gear Patrol and has recently started his own company Cantonment and launched their first product ?a nicely made and very well considered kerchief (like a bandanna). Kyle chats about the origins of the new product and Jason and James report on their experiences with these handy swaths of colorful fabric for all sorts of uses. After that, the trio deep dive on some of their favorite EDC gear, and there is certainly a little something for everyone.

Stick around for a varied Final Notes that brings great automotive history lessons, volcanic eruptions, and a new mini-series that is not to be missed. Thanks for listening ?just press play!

Show Notes...

16:00 Tudor Black Bay Fifty-Eight 'Navy Blue' Hands-On

16:01 The 40mm (ish) horsemen of Hot Dive fake watch Summer

23:56 Garmin Venu

30:33 Citizen Aqualand C023

35:03 Cantonment Kerchiefs

53:01 Kill Hubris Washed Pocket Tees

58:47 Buck 501 Squire

59:15 James Brand Elko

59:40 Hohner Accordions Harmonica

1:00:55 Big I Design Titanium Pocket Clip

1:01:45 Muyshondt Aeon Titanium

1:02:30 Finch Knife Co Runtly pocket knife

1:04:39 Seiko SKX013

1:09:08 Topo 5-panel camper hat

1:10:00 Triple Aught design Scout Boonie Hat

1:10:22 Quaker Marine Long Brimmed Hat

1:11:00 Pedro+Tailor Hat

1:11:20 Josh Perez on TGN

1:13:32 Mountainsmith Tour Classic fanny-pack

1:16:16 Hammock packable hammock and Python Straps

1:19:55 Kyality on Instagram

1:21:30 "Past Gas" Podcast from Donut Media

1:26:20 "The Eruption of Instagram Island"

1:28:30 "Devs"

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