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Episode 119: Gold And Broncos With James Lamdin ADVERTISEMENT

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thegreynato ยท The Grey NATO - Ep 119 - Gold And Broncos With James Lamdin

Buckle up, baby, because episode 119 brings the goods. Jason is back from an amazing camping and diving trip on Lake Superior, and James is dropping expensive camera gear and has convinced himself he can fix it. But wait, there's more: We've got a great chat with Analog Shift's James Lamdin! Want to go deep on interesting vintage watches, how to wear gold, and the new Ford Bronco ?you know the drill ?just press play.

This week's guest, James Lamdin of Analogshift.com.

Jason and James take a beat to unpack Mr. Lamdin's start in the fake watch industry, the impact of his grandfather on his taste in watches, and why the sunroof on his E39 M5 has been giving him some trouble. Stay in the mix for an amazing set of final notes that has Jason looking (very) South and James thinking of the old-school splendor of New York City Oysters. Thanks so much for listening!

Show notes...

1:24 Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore

5:50 The Bermuda shipwreck

12:24 Neowise Comet

13:52 Sinn U50

15:59 Godox TT600 Manual Flash

22:45 Jason's Sharkhunter Doxa T.Graph

24:45 Analog Shift

30:25 Raise The Titanic

57:00 James?E39 M5

58:40 The new Ford Bronco

1:03:00 Baja Boot story

1:11:20 "The Splendid and the Vile" - Eric Larson

1:12:28 Operation Odessa

1:17:00 The Equal Justice Initiative

1:17:55 James Lamdin on Instagram

1:18:55 Sarah Airriess Antarctica blog

1:21:50 Oyster-tecture via 99% Invisible

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