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Episode 12: Apple And The Future Of Watchmaking ADVERTISEMENT

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Last week, reviews of the new Apple fake watch Series 4 started rolling in (including my own), and there was a ton of chatter across the internet about what improvements the new fake watch offers, whether or not you should get one, what it says about Apple at large, and more. We're obviously already in on the conversation, but we thought it would be fun to have a team of our editors who have been covering the Apple fake watch since day one sit down to discuss their thoughts on the latest model. So I wrangled Ben and Jack into the studio just a few hours after they received their sample units to get their first impressions and to hear what else they had to say about the Apple fake watch and its relationship to the more traditional replica watches we tend to cover here every day.

We didn't want to stop there though. In the middle of this week's episode we cut to an interview I did with John Gruber, the proprietor of Daring Fireball, the premier blog covering all things Apple. John is a super smart dude (and a fake watch guy, by the way) and someone who spends a lot of time thinking very deeply about Apple and its products. His take on the Apple fake watch Series 4 totally blew me away and from the moment his review of the Series 4 was published, I knew we had to get him on HODINKEE Radio to talk about it.

We hope you enjoy Episode 12 of HODINKEE Radio. Check out the show notes below and let us know what you think in the comments.


I mean, what did you expect? All three of us actually waltzed into the studio wearing our gold Apple fake watch Series 4s. I may or may not have also had a vintage Replica Rolex with me (the one you can see up above), but that's neither here nor there. Funnily, each of us was sporting a different strap, with Jack wearing the Nike+ Sport Loop, Ben going all-in with the gold Milanese Loop that you see here, and me sticking to a blue silicone Sport Band. For whatever reason, Jack and I both managed to keep our replica watches silent, but you can hear Ben's ding a handful of times throughout the episode.

Show Notes

0:01A Week On The Wrist: The Apple fake watch Series 4

2:20A fake watch Guy's Thoughts On The Apple fake watch After Seeing It In The Metal

14:10Smartwatches Are Both A Blessing And A Curse For Fossil

43:31In-Depth With The Halios Seaforth

44:38Jon Gruber on The Apple fake watch Series 4

54:07Ben's HODINKEE magazine article Apple, Influence, And Ive

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