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Episode 121: Proteus, Dive Watches, and Fried Chicken With Fabien Cousteau ADVERTISEMENT

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thegreynato · The Grey NATO - 121 - Proteus, Dive Watches, And Fried Chicken With Fabien Cousteau

Get your red cap and your Aqualung! This is not a drill, people, we've got Fabien Cousteau on the show! In this extra-long chat, Jason reconnects with Fabien to talk all things under-the-sea. From his latest project Proteus to classic undersea habitats and water-powered watches, we even learn about how a birthday request for fried chicken ended up starting this Cousteau's prolific career under the water.

A rendering of Proteus, a next-generation undersea habitat and research platform.

Before we dive into the interview (sorry, had to), Jason and James chat about Jason's first time watching Predator, one of James' most Vancouver-themed watches, watch-themed t-shirts, and the mechanical problem that saw Jason's classic Land Rover taking a trailer to the shop.

Stay in the mix for Jason's Cousteau-appropriate final notes and James' ramblings about the latest supercar from the man that made the F1. A huge thank you to Fabien Cousteau for being on the show and to you for listening!

Show Notes...

10:22 Shane Black's "The Predator"

14:35 Arnold Schwarzenegger on Reddit

16:00 Jason's "Safarnie" review

16:35 Halios Roldorf LE Seaforth

17:40 Roldorf & Co "Red Sub" T-Shirt

18:55 Garmin Instinct Solar Tactical

23:00 Mission 31

30:30 Proteus

1:03:44 "Legends of the Deep" (TV series with Jean-Michel, Fabien, and Céline Cousteau)

1:06:45 Jake's Replica Rolex Blog article about Cousteau family watches

1:14:55 Fabien on Instagram

1:16:09 "World Without Sun"

1:18:15 Gordon Murray on The Collecting Cars Podcast with Chris Harris

1:21:15 Henry Catchpole's Carfection video with Gordon Murray

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