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Episode 123: Diving Deeper With Ocean Explorer Extraordinaire Laurent Ballesta ADVERTISEMENT

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thegreynato · The Grey NATO - 123 - Diving Deeper With Oceanographer Extraordinaire Laurent Ballesta

It's as easy as one-two-three for this episode of The Grey NATO which features an in-depth (accurate pun) chat between Jason and the wonderfully talented and very adventurous Laurent Ballesta. Widely known for his Blancpain-supported Gombessa projects, Ballesta is a world-class underwater photographer and has created several projects that pushed the very limits of diving, photography, and our collective replica watches near me knowledge of several key aquatic species. From deep dives under Antarctic ice to living at pressure for nearly a month of incredibly long and deep dives, his films are nothing short of TGN required viewing.

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Before that fascinating chat, the guys are catching up on end-of-summer camping plans, project property updates, Land Rover maintenance, and some excellent outerwear. Keep your fingers away from that pause button as James is sporting a brand new bag and Jason has a special report from a Royal Navy diver. Finally, a huge thank you to G-Shock and their Master Of G replica watches for supporting this episode of The Grey NATO. All this and more, just press play.

Show Notes...

0:01 G-Shock Master Of G Watches

2:33 Norrøna Clothing

17:05 CWC 1983 Quartz Royal Navy Divers fake watch

18:12 Tudor Black Bay Chrono Steel and Gold

21:25 Laurent Ballesta

22:00 Laurent's book "700 Sharks In The Night"30:00 Blancpain Watches

38:45 Blancpain Ocean Commitment

48:20 Nikon D5

1:33:15 Tango bag from The Observer Collection

1:34:10 Robert Spangle on Instagram

1:39:02 "From the Diary of a Royal Navy Dive Watch" via CWCaddict.com

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